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Our Expertise

Myles Martel, Ph.D.

Myles Martel, Ph.D., President and CEO of Martel & Associates, is one of the world’s premier leadership communication advisors.  After serving as a full professor and debate coach within the Pennsylvania State University System, and as a professional mediator and arbitrator, he came to national prominence in 1980 as Ronald Reagan's personal debate advisor.


Although he has continued to serve political leaders, including governors, senators, ambassadors and presidential cabinet members, his practice is primarily focused on advising leaders of major corporations and professional organizations.


Taking a strategic approach to his counsel regarding both content and delivery, he advises leaders on how to define and strengthen their organization's culture through persuasive communication and to cultivate personal presence and credibility in a wide range of formal and informal settings.  These include high stakes meetings, presentations, speeches and media appearances.


His counsel is usually provided in one-on-one and small group settings. His instrumental role in supporting his clients to achieve their goals is based significantly on a personalized planning process conducive to revealing the depth of his expertise and insights, as well as his grasp of his clients' issues.  These factors are complemented by an engaging, supportive consultative style.   His core premise: “Persuasive communication is the linchpin of leadership influence.”


His expertise has resulted in wide media exposure, adding valuable perspective to his media and crisis counsel.  He has appeared on ABC’s “World News Tonight”, CBS’ “This Morning” and “Nightline”.  His work has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Directors & Boards, Harper’s, USA Today and The New York Times.


Martel has published six books: Leadership Legacies: Words to Enlighten, Persuade and Inspire (Xlibris/Random House); Before You Say A Word (Prentice Hall); Political Campaign Debates (Longman); Mastering the Art of Q & A (Dow Jones-Irwin); The Persuasive Edge (Random House); and Fire Away! Fielding Tough Questions with Finesse (Irwin).

Martel has received numerous honors, including the George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedoms Foundation, the University of Connecticut’s Distinguished Alumni Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement, and was selected to deliver the Andrew W. Mellon Fund Lecture at Oxford University.  He chaired the Pennsylvania student statewide speaking contest to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Inducted into its Hall of Fame of Temple University's School of Communications, he has taught Leadership Communication as a member of its graduate faculty.

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