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Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, all programs are now adaptable to Zoom and other virtual applications.

Our Major Programs

From Character to Impact

A highly personalized leadership development program designed to assist leaders in leveraging communication to advance their leadership goals and objectives.  Emphasis is often given to addressing specific challenges or engagements.  Our Leadership Communication Profile is often a key feature of this program.  Private sessions for one participant, two to four days within 6 to 18 months; can be extended to more days.


Defining and Declaring the Leader Within You

This personalized  program, based on the premise that leaders  should be clear about what they stand for, helps leaders shape and articulate their leadership stance or credo–their vision, leadership philosophy and principles. Emphasis is also given to how they should advance their impact by communicating and reinforcing messages related to their leadership stance. Dr. Martel’s book on this subject, Leadership Legacies, provides the instructional framework for each program.  A one or two day customized seminar for 3 to 7 participants.


Advancing Leadership Through Media Interviews

Participants learn to approach media interviews proactively and persuasively to advance business objectives, including the organization’s reputation.  This program highlights how the media operate, methods of preparation, and skills development for a variety of electronic and print media interviews.  All exercises are based on specific issues and expected media contact.  A one-day program for 1 to 4 participants (private or group).

We also design and conduct customized programs

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